It´s not all about slips, trips and falls: Psychological safety

While most people think slips, trips and falls as the main focus on health and safety, there are other aspects that are important to foster a sense of teamwork and psychological safety.

Psychological safety has been a concept since the late 1990s when a researcher investigating accidents in hospitals found that the more cohesive, more effective teams, were actually reporting more mistakes and errors than those which weren’t working as effectively.

The unexpected findings uncovered a truth which changed perceptions; workers in an environment in which they feel trusted and supported when they made mistakes, were more comfortable in owning their errors and working together to rectify mistakes.

While unexpected, this seems sensible now; that in a team where you are supported and helped to learn when a mistake is made, you’ll feel more comfortable and free to strive for your best, rather than working in a culture of blame where mistakes are pounced upon and used as reasons for not trusting people.

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